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About us

ALFACOUSTIC is a combination of 3 companies (groups):



Covers the North of Ile de France, Brittany and the North


Covers Ile de France, the centre and the South East


Covers the South West.

Our acoustic engineering group, valued at 8 Million Euros, works with industrial and service sectors in France and across America, Asia and Europe.

Reducing noise levels is an important issue for all companies.

Hearing loss is one of the biggest work-related illnesses in France today. Noise pollution is less obvious than other types of pollution, but the effects can seriously reduce productivity: absenteeism, fatigue, waste…

French law requires employers to reduce noise levels as much as possible.

Exposure limits: warning 80dB (A), danger 85dB (A)

Using our extensive experience, we will work with you to find optimised solutions designed to meet your noise-reduction requirements and objectives.