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Laboratory measure

Laboratory analysis

Alfacoustic is equipped with analysis tools and a reverberation chamber.

Our equipment:

Systems and software for acquisition and treating acoustic signals and vibrations

  • 2 way Symphonie box (with, amongst others, two microphone lines)
  • dBFA32, dBTrait, dBBati and dBRET, acquisition.wave, autospectrum BF, octave, 1/3 octave, Real Time modult, signal manipulation and interspectrum
  • 2 accelerometers, type DJB 1V/g from 01dB, for measuring levels of vibration acceleration

Calculation and forecasting software:

  • CADNAA: forecasting sound impact on the environment of industrial sites and transport infrastructures
  • ODEON: forecasting sound impact on closed environments (workshops, rooms etc.)
  • ACOUBAT: calculating insulation between areas in buildings
  •  AUTOCAD: computer assisted drawing


  • 4 sonometers, type 01dB, and B&K, class 1, annual checks up to date
  • 5  dosebadges, type PULSAR, for measuring daily levels of noise exposure of operators in the workplace

Reverberation Chamber:

  • Dimensions: Length 4.77m x width 3.80m x height 3.0m with +/- volume 54 m3
  • Size of door: width 0.80m x height 2m00
  • Skylight of 1m_ for measuring isolated materials
  • Measurements of acoustic intensity level and absorption coefficient

Measurements of acoustic strength for equipment and machines .

Kundt’s Tube

  • Length 10m x Width 0.95m x Height 0.95m
  • Measurements of alpha sabine absorption coefficient of acoustic material


  • 1 noise source band
  • 1 starting pistol for measuring reverberation time