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Soundproofing as a response to industrial noise pollution 

As a result of labour regulations, health and safety (QSE) managers have become particularly aware of workers’ hearing problems over the past few years. Employees, health and safety committees (CHSCT), workplace doctors, workplace inspectors or even health insurance companies (Caisse Régionale d’Assurance Maladie) often request health and safety managers to ensure compliance with all current legislation (cf: regulation section) which relates to noise levels in the workplace and the prevention of noise in surrounding areas.
ALFACOUSTIC has been an expert in all areas of industrial soundproofing for many years.


Noise pollution

The industrial world is largely a noisy world which creates many varied sources of noise pollution, linked primarily to mechanical workings which are sources of vibration (mechanical noise) and aerodynamic noise. Noise pollution is a source of auditory fatigue, which can lead to tinnitus and a risk of hearing loss following prolonged exposure to noise levels above 80dB(A). It can also lead to many different indicators of stress (difficulty sleeping, digestive complaints, loss of concentration, anxiety, irritability). It is therefore essential for all employees who are subjected to this noise, and for any neighbours in the area, that all steps are taken in order to guarantee the best possible sound conditions in the workplace and in nearby areas.

Acoustics and protection against industrial noise

ALFACOUSTIC works with acoustic engineers that are able to respond to sound issues and are equipped with the best tools for acoustic analysis in order to put in place the most appropriate solutions for improving acoustic comfort and reducing industrial noise pollution. There are many solutions to protect against noise pollution:

  • Hooding machines with acoustic screens
  • Lining  metal sheets with bitumen
  • Lining existing casing with soundproofing foam or a complex of foam and bitumen
  • Installing silencers at all air openings
  • Absorbent mobile screens and walls
  • Soundproof enclosures
  • Anti-reverberation materials


ALFACOUSTIC remains an essential partner of companies wishing to invest in the fight against noise. Our company offers a whole range of solutions, from acoustic studies to carrying out the work, including providing acoustic materials which will enable you to reduce your noise pollution problems as much as possible.