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Companies are subject to environmental requirements in order to comply with current acoustic legislation that puts in place sound level limits and authorises certain emissions.

ALFACOUSTIC offers acoustic solutions, prioritisation of sources and soundproofing treatment recommendations in order to achieve compliance.

ALFACOUSTIC relies on our acoustic engineers and simulation software such as CADNAA. Here are some of our most frequently recommended solutions:



Dissipative or reactive cylindrical silencers, dissipative silencers with static or dynamic parallel baffles.

They are often installed in ventilation systems, outlets and air intakes.


Acoustic grille

They are generally recommended for air transfer, such as:

  • Compressor areas
  • Workspace ventilation
  • Natural ventilation in air cooling systems etc.



They limit noise in a wide range. Their shape, size and height are calculated by taking into account factors such as distance, nearby areas, position of the noise source, the spectrum etc.

They can be used for ventilators, pumps, cleaning of dust collectors, cooling systems, heat pumps, silos etc.

External cabins

They enable a very effective way of treating noise ‘at source’. Moreover, they get round different barriers like: rapid access, cooling, visualisation through soundproof windows (up to 40dB), lighting and adhering to maintenance restrictions.

Other solutions

Acoustic insulation for outflow noise, masses lourdes for pipes carrying solid material (plastic granules, wood shavings etc.)